Fixing your own pipe

You can repair your own pipe on the farm with a pipe press. Using a tractor model is a cheap efficient way to keep your field green and producing. You can keep wind damage from costing you valuable tonnage losses. The presses allow you to repair ends or center breaks. You can contact me at for more information.

In areas with limited water users should remember to fix gaskets, drains, and sprinklers to reduce water loss and keep your systems operating at maxim efficiency. Walk your lines while they are down and give your sprinklers a bump test (simply spin them around) if they spin freely you may need to replace bushings, springs, or bearing stacks. Irrigating your field is about getting the water out of the nozzle and on the crop. Warn nozzles lower pressure and thus reduce coverage. Leaky feed hoses and valves also add to pressure loss.  By keeping these parts up you can increase the yield of your crops and not waste water at the same time.

With winter coming on now is the time to add a fuel stabilizer to your fuel tanks. Shutting down the fuel valve and inducing a bit of Stabilizer into your carb will save you time and effort in the spring when firing up again. Even though you have added stabilizer to your system it is still a good idea to drain the tank and add new fuel to it before attempting to start. This is also the time to check your amrad gaskets and be sure they are not spraying directly into the motor if they are bad. I also recommend adding the stabilizer to your fuel with every tank during operation. I hope these comments help keep your systems working


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